Guaranteed Warranty

In event of a malfunctioning product, we have a solid warranty and claim mechanism in place to ensure that your needs are satisfied as quickly as possible. Because the majority are official distributors, we can ensure you that we will deliver the finest warranty claim service possible if the following terms and conditions are followed.

Terms & Conditions

  • Every invoice includes the item’s warranty duration, which is printed next to the item. Any more information is provided in the notes section.
  • Every invoice includes the warranty length for the item, which is printed next to the item. Any more information can be found in the notes section.
  • Memory card and pen drive packaging cards must be supplied with the invoice to claim warranty.
  • Only hard disks, pen drives, and memory cards are covered by warranty. There is no warranty for the operating system, software, or data contained in these devices.
  • Any physical damages will not be covered by the warranty
  • The warranty only covers manufacture defects.

Services and Repairs

Download (Pvt) Ltd , adds more value to your items by investing time and money to create a document that proves your item was transferred to the safest place for any repair or update. We ensure that we provide the best services and repairs for our customers if the following terms and conditions are followed.

Terms & Conditions

 To inquire about the status of your item’s repair, please call 027-222-3092/93. If you dial our company’s cell numbers, you may experience a delay in receiving information.

  • The company shall not be held liable if the owner does not collect the item(s) within 14 days following notification of readiness. With regard to storage, a daily charge of Rs. 100/= would be charged to things that are not picked up within 14 days after notification. The company maintains the right to dispose of any uncollected item(s) after 30 days.
  • If any estimated item is removed without being repaired, the company will levy charges based on the type of goods.
  • Customers are respectfully reminded that the company will not be held liable for any data, confidential or otherwise, contained in the Storage Devices or PCs sent for repair. It is the sole duty of the owner to ensure that such material is removed prior to submitting for repair.
  • We do not advise installing pirated operating systems or software on computers purchased from us.
  • Any physical damages done during repair will not qualify for warranty.

Customer orders

If your requirements exceed what the local market has to offer, our firm Download (Pvt) Ltd will assist you in meeting these requirements. We will span horizons to locate and meet these criteria. As long as the following terms and conditions are met.

  • To proceed with Personalized Orders, a 50% down payment is required.
  • Payments made for Personalized Orders are non-refundable.

Home delivery

To make it even easier for you to get your needs met, we offer to bring them right to your doorstep. We assure you that we are willing to deliver to any location if the following terms and conditions are met.

  • Payment in full is necessary.
  • Payment must be paid directly into our bank account, the details of which will be provided upon request.
  • Delivery is handled by a dedicated courier.
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